All services are offered free of charge to women (ages 18-40) who are victims of sexual exploitation, sex trafficking or currently engaging in sex work (strip clubs, prostitution, escort services, online services, etc.).

Counseling: We work with independent counselors to provide women who are victims of sexual exploitation, sex trafficking, and women who are currently engaging in sex work with individual counseling.

Weekly Life Skills Group: Our weekly life skills group is open to women over the age of 18, who are currently or have recently worked in the sex industry, been sexually exploited, or trafficked for sex.

Mentoring: Biblical mentoring is available to those who desire to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We offer group bible studies as well as one on one mentoring time.

Wellness Groups: We work to inspire a healthy lifestyle, believing that this is an integral part of overcoming the past & building a life of purpose. Our wellness program includes exercise groups, healthy eating tips, stress management tools, & accountability in goal setting.

Residential Program Placement: Women desiring to get out of sex work can schedule an appointment to discuss program options and receive help with admissions processes.

Educational Coaching/Tutoring: Women who have been in commercial sex work can come for weekly GED tutoring & college entrance help.

Employment Program: In partnership with the Fig Leaf Boutique, we offer a three month employment opportunity, which includes intensive career coaching as well as long-term employment opportunities with a growing list of companies we are building a relationship with. This is a paid position that comes with a three month case plan, aimed at providing each participant everything needed to secure employment that earns a livable wage. There is a waiting list as program availability is limited, please call (239) 308-0434 to be considered.

Paid Work Therapy Program: Since 2014, thanks to McGregor Baptist Church, we have been providing a paid survivor-leader internship. This internship is an opportunity to increase confidence in the workplace while acquiring office & technical skills, as well as growing in relational skills that are transferable as survivors move forward in their chosen career path.

Transitional Home: In an effort to meet the need for survivors with small children to find safe housing in a healing environment, we opened a beautiful & peace-filled transitional home for women & their children. Applications are open to group members. SWFL women only, please call or text our office at (239) 308-0434 for more information about our groups, our home, our other programs & on other residential programs for survivors we refer to.